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WebSuite consists of three different modules -- WebEntry, WebAdmin, and WebESS (Employee Self Service) -- that all operate through a standard Internet browser. WebEntry is a data collection module capable of capturing both punches and total hours records. WebAdmin is data management module designed to give remote supervisors access to the data and reports stored in the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. WebESS is a reporting module that gives employees access to up to nine personal reports. All three WebSuite modules tie directly into UNITIME databases and may be used individually or together depending on your needs and workplace environment. 

Intelligent and Affordable
WebSuite modules can be quickly deployed throughout an organization because the employees and supervisors who use them don't need any special software or hardware -- a connection to the LAN or World Wide Web and a standard Internet browser are all that's required. In addition, all upgrades are performed at the server, thereby significantly reducing IT overhead. This centralized model makes deployment easy and cost effective, resulting in a total workplace solution that everyone can agree upon.

WebSuite modules may be used individually or in any combination, so no unnecessary software needs to be purchased. In addition, WebSuite modules can be added to a UNITIME solution at any time so your timekeeping system can grow as your company does.

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