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System Requirements

·         Server: Minimum server requirements vary depending on the version of UNITIME and other modules in use. For hardware estimates please contact a Unitime sales representative at                      704-307-2619


·         Client Workstations: Latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer recommended


·         Network: WebESS is designed to operate on a "thin" connection, so it may be run across the corporate LAN, WAN, or the World Wide Web

Unitime Systems - Time & Attendance for the 21st Century

WebESS Employee Self Service Program

WebESS is an employee self service program that links to the Desktop and Enterprise versions of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. Designed to operate through a standard Internet browser connected to the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet, WebESS gives employees quick access to up to nine personal time and attendance reports. These reports reflect a variety of information including punch times, hours worked, allocation of hours, vacation and sick leave balances, and work schedules.

With WebESS, employees instantly know what happened, what’s going to happen, and what better not happen. And best of all, employees can access this information without interrupting management, leaving everyone with more time to focus on work.

Reduce Costs

WebESS is password protected, so it can be set up on individual workstations or a centrally located computer kiosk. Employees’ IDs determine which reports are available in their WebESS menus, and each employee is permitted to view only his or her own time and attendance reports. Fast and easy to use, WebESS allows employees to obtain the information they need without bothering supervisors or human resources personnel. And the less time management needs to spend answering employees’ questions, the more time they can devote to strategic decisions, managing the workforce, and improving the organization.


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Empower Employees

When employees have access to ever changing work information, they are better informed to make decisions about work related activities and time off requests, further reducing the burden on management. In addition, employees can also monitor the exceptions generated by their punch times, so tardies and missing punches can be addressed as soon as they occur. Information empowers employees and gives them confidence in themselves and their employer.

Employees are “customers” of your human resources and payroll departments, and giving employees instant access to critical information improves customer service. Improved customer service positively affects the overall satisfaction of the work force and, ultimately, your real customers.


Different types of employees usually have different time and attendance concerns, so WebESS includes menu customization options that allow you to cater to individuals. Reports that don’t apply to employees can be removed from their menus, and reports can be customized to display data in a way that makes sense to employees. This customized access makes WebESS extremely fast and easy to use, so you can rest assured that training employees will be a breeze.


WebESS is an ideal self service solution for companies of all sizes and industries, and all types of employees benefit from the information it delivers. Whether your company employs a handful of hourly employees or a large group of both hourly and salaried employees, WebESS can help you improve communication with your workforce and reduce the time management spends answering questions.

Part of the WebSuite family of Internet browser based products, WebESS links directly to the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System and can be added to your solution any time. All nine WebESS reports are also included in WebEntry, an Internet browser-based data collection and reporting program.



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