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System Requirements

·         Server: Minimum server requirements vary depending on the version of UNITIME and other modules in use. For hardware estimates please contact a Unitime sales representative at                   704-307-2619


·         Client Workstations: Latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer recommended


·         Network: WebEntry is designed to operate on a "thin" connection, so it may be run across the corporate LAN, WAN, or the World Wide Web

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WebEntry Data Collection Program

WebEntry is a data collection and personal reporting program that operates through a standard Internet browser. Part of the WebSuite family of browser based products, WebEntry links directly to the Desktop and Enterprise versions of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System through the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet. By taking advantage of the capabilities of popular Web browsers, employers can deploy and maintain low-cost data collection terminals anywhere in the World an Internet connection is available.

WebEntry can be set up on individual workstations or a centrally located computer kiosk, and each employee simply enters a unique ID and password to access the system. Based on login permissions, employees are then directed to a Website with a customized menu that gives them access only to the data collection functions and reports they’re permitted to use.

Flexible and Easy to Use

WebEntry includes nine reports and three different data entry styles, and these options may be mixed and matched in an unlimited number of variations to exactly meet the data collection and reporting needs of all employees. Each employee is assigned to the appropriate WebEntry Website, so there’s no worrying about employees accessing options or reports they shouldn’t see. This customized access makes WebEntry extremely fast and easy to use, so you can rest assured that training employees will be a breeze.


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Punch Style Entry

The punch style entry mode functions like a timeclock inside a Web browser. In addition to standard punch types such as in-for-day and out-for-day, this entry mode can be configured to accept many types of transfer punches including complex job costing transactions. The punch style entry mode is configured to display buttons only for the kinds of punches employees need to enter, and multiple punch style entry Websites may be set up to accommodate employees who need to enter different types of punches.

Spreadsheet Style Entry

The spreadsheet style entry mode gives employees a method for recording total hours transactions rather than punching in and out, so this entry style is usually reserved for salaried employees. Employees using the spreadsheet style entry mode can enter any number of hours per day and can modify any of the labor detail (e.g., department, job, shift, and location codes) associated with their hours. Depending on permissions, employees can be restricted to specific pay types to prevent unauthorized entry of overtime or benefit hours.


Simplified Spreadsheet Style Entry

The simplified spreadsheet style entry mode also allows employees to record total hours transactions, but unlike the spreadsheet style entry mode it does not permit employees to edit all labor detail codes associated with their hours. Instead, employees are permitted to modify only the specific levels defined in the system configuration. Depending on permissions, employees can be restricted to specific pay types to prevent unauthorized entry of overtime or benefit hours. This entry mode is usually reserved for salaried employees with fewer modification needs.


WebEntry can be configured to collect up to 12 levels of labor detail such as job, department, shift, and location codes. This information is processed by UNITIME to calculate distributed labor costs and payroll hours. WebEntry can be added to your UNITIME solution at any time.

Employee Self Service

Not only is WebEntry a powerful data collection tool, but it also gives employees access to up to nine personal time and attendance reports. These reports display a variety of information including punch times, hours worked, allocation of hours, vacation and sick leave balances, and work schedules. And best of all, employees can access this information without interrupting management, leaving everyone with more time to focus on work. All nine WebEntry reports are also included in WebESS, an Internet browser based employee self service program.



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