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System Requirements

·         Server: Minimum server requirements can vary depending on the version
of UNITIME and other modules in use. For hardware estimates please contact a Unitime sales representative at 704-307-2619


·         Client Workstations: Latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer recommended


·         Network: WebAdmin is designed to operate on a "thin" connection, so it may be run across the corporate LAN, WAN, or the World
Wide Web

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WebAdmin Manager Self Service Program

WebAdmin is an Internet browser-based program that extends the full client functionality of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System to supervisors and managers at remote facilities. Part of the WebSuite family of browser-based products, WebAdmin is designed to operate through a “thin” connection and may be run across the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet.

WebAdmin can be set up on individual workstations or a centrally located computer kiosk, and each supervisor simply enters a unique ID and password to access the system. Based on login permissions, supervisors are then directed to a customized menu that gives them access only to the functions, reports, and employee records they’re permitted to view.

Fully Functional

With WebAdmin, all of the functions and reports users expect from a high-powered time and attendance system can now be executed through an Internet browser. Depending on login rights, users can add and edit punches, credit sick and vacation pay, review labor allocations, add and edit employee records, add and edit schedules, and generate UNITIME reports on-line. In addition, system administrators can modify pay rule configurations, close pay periods, post punches, and execute the interfaces to payroll, human resources, and other essential business systems. WebAdmin delivers the power of UNITIME to users anywhere in the World an Internet connection is available.


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Take a virtual tour of UNITIME WebAdmin

Easy to Use

WebAdmin includes all the features, reports, and data available in UNITIME, but each user’s login menu is customized to provide access only to the utilities and employee records he or she needs to view. Training is easier because supervisors can’t see the options they’re not permitted to use. In addition, the WebAdmin user interface is based on the intuitive layout of UNITIME, so supervisors with experience using the UNITIME network client can start using WebAdmin immediately.

Reporting on Demand

WebAdmin directly accesses the SQL UNITIME databases, so users can generate up-to-date reports whenever necessary. All the data that’s been collected and calculated by UNITIME is immediately available in WebAdmin. WebAdmin reports provide managers with the information they need to make knowledgeable, timely decisions about the workforce. In addition, WebAdmin’s intuitive report queue system ensures that users don’t get stuck waiting for reports when server activity is high.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

WebAdmin operates in a standard Internet browser, so there’s no need to install specialized software or drivers on individual workstations. Instead, the Web server components are installed behind the firewall and accessed through the World Wide Web or corporate Intranet. Updates and upgrades are handled at the server level, resulting in less time spent deploying and maintaining the application.


WebAdmin is an ideal solution for supervisors who need access to UNITIME but don’t have a network connection to the standard client application. Whether you need to connect a handful of supervisors across town or dozens of supervisors across the country, WebAdmin can be scaled to support the workload. WebAdmin links directly to the Enterprise version of UNITIME and can be added to your solution at any time.



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