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Unitime Small Business Version (SBV)

Have you ever wished you could automate your company's timekeeping practices but found time and attendance systems to be too expensive to justify? A fully functional and affordable solution for small businesses is finally availableness Small Business Version (SBV). 

Labor costs are typically a company's highest and most controllable operating expense, yet industry statistics indicate that only 8% of America's 4.5 million small businesses use automated time and attendance systems. Automating your time and attendance can save 1% to 4% of your company's annual payroll, making SBV an investment that will pay for itself almost immediately. 

Not only does SBV save money, but it can also help you better manage your business. With almost a built-in history module, a full suite of reports available in countless variations, and the most robust rules and calculations engine available, SBV gives management greater visibility and control over your organization. 

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SBV will help you: 
  • Eliminate inaccurate methods of collecting, calculating, and entering timecards into payroll
  • Reduce the number of manually produced checks
  • Track employees' use of benefit hours
  • Prevent unauthorized overtime
  • Gain control of labor costs
  • Ensure that your company's pay rules are consistently and fairly applied to all employees
  • Survive a wage and hour audit
  • Ease the burden of FMLA and other regulatory compliance
SBV offers the most functionality for its price and is the best time and attendance value available in the market today. SBV is built around the same rule set and calculations engine as the industry-leading UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System, but consolidated to meet the needs of growing businesses. You can rest assured that SBV includes all the features and functions necessary for you to start saving time and money.

Professionally Installed
Unlike other time and attendance packages for small businesses, a certified Unitime implementation specialist will guide you through the setup of SBV and train you on all the features and functions you'll need to understand. No hassling with installation wizards or complicated instructions is necessary. Unitime Systems will guide you all the way through your first pay period to ensure SBV is configured correctly for your business.

Versatile and Easy to Use
SBV is built around a logical user interface that is easy to learn and start using. In addition, SBV supports a wide variety of timeclocks and scanning devices so you can choose the solution that works best for your organization. Timeclock communication options include direct-connect, Ethernet, and modem.

SBV can automate timekeeping for businesses with 75 or fewer employees. Once you grow beyond the scope of SBV, you can upgrade to the Desktop or Enterprise version of UNITIME at a special discounted price (some restrictions may apply).

Components of SBV
  • SBV time and attendance software with one user license
  • Payroll interface module compatible with popular systems including Abra, ADP, InterPay, IOI ePaycheck, and PayChoice (additional interface modules available)
  • Model 300D direct-connect timeclock with 50-foot communications cable (upgradeable to Ethernet or modem model timeclock for an additional charge)
  • 25 bar code badges
  • Remote implementation and training for one user
  • One year of free software and hardware support
  • Unitime Documentation CD

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