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Sample Unitime Reports

Both editions of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System include a full suite of standard reports that are available in countless variations, and the Small Business Version (SBV) includes the same reports. Many reports can be run on both current and historical data, and a built-in report designer may be used to customize reports. While our experience has shown that these standard reports address the needs of most users, custom reports can be created to meet any unique timekeeping needs.

Sample copies of many of the standard UNITIME reports are provided below. Each report is displayed along with a brief explanation and suggestions for use. Click on any of the links below to view the sample reports.

Attendance Report Labor Summary Report
Employee Approvals Report Labor Schedule vs. Actual Report
Daily Activity Report Employee Schedule Report
Hours Worked Detail Report Labor Schedule Report
Hours Worked Simplified Report Overtime Report
Hours Worked Summary Report Approaching Overtime Report
Roll Call Report Payroll Transfer Report
Timecard Report Attendance Balances Report
Exceptions Report Attendance Detail Report
Labor Analysis Report Audit Punch Report

  • UNITIME is fully ODBC compliant and supports third party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.
  • UNITIME includes a report designer that may be used to modify any of the standard reports.

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