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Unitime Systems - Time & Attendance for the 21st Century

Make Time and Attendance Automatic

If watching clocks has you all wound up, make it automatic using the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. UNITIME is a highly functional yet easy-to-use time and attendance program available in Desktop, Enterprise, Web Based, and Small Business versions

UNITIME includes a vast set of standard rules options, a robust calculations engine, employee scheduling utilities, attendance tracking capabilities, and a full suite of standard reports. UNITIME is typically installed with data collection devices or programs and interface modules designed to exchange employee and labor information with critical business systems, thereby providing a total workplace solution. UNITIME is well-suited to a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, education, transportation, and retail businesses. 

How Does Automated Timekeeping Work?
Employees log punches or hours using timeclocks or data collection programs. UNITIME automatically collects punches and hours throughout each workday, posts data to the appropriate employee records, and applies your company's employment policies to calculate total hours and dollars. Supervisors can review punches and hours worked throughout each pay period and make corrections as necessary. Employees can review their personal hourly totals at timeclocks or a centrally located computer kiosk running the WebESS Employee Self-Service module.

At the end of each pay cycle UNITIME produces a payroll summary file and exports the file to your payroll system or service provider. All in a days work when you let UNITIME watch your clocks! Easy to Use UNITIME is easy to learn and permits quick access to employee information including timecards and schedules. Employees' hourly totals are always viewable on-line, and missing punches are automatically noted and highlighted. UNITIME eliminates manual timecard preparation, calculation, and distribution for faster payroll processing, greater accuracy, and reduced management costs. UNITIME will reduce your labor costs, save time, and provide better control over payroll.

Flexible Reports
UNITIME includes a full suite of standard reports that are available in countless variations. UNITIME reports help managers review employees' punching activity, work habits, payroll information, and other data useful for labor management. A built-in report writer may be used to generate a wide variety of custom reports, or Unitime Report Services can create custom reports built to your specifications.

Open System Design
The UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System integrates seamlessly with most popular human resources, payroll, and manufacturing systems to provide a total workplace time and attendance solution. Unitime is always evolving to keep in pace with business needs. 

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