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Points Manager

Absenteeism is one of the biggest costs facing today's businesses, and many companies use an absence control system to help minimize these expenses. That's why Unitime Systems developed Points Manager, an add-on feature available in the Desktop and Enterprise versions of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. Points Manager tracks employees' attendance infractions, assigns values to each infraction, and determines penalties according to predefined limits--all within the daily workflow of time and attendance. By reducing absenteeism, Points Manager helps increase productivity and morale while minimizing the time spent monitoring employees' activities.

Points Manager automates the entire absence control process, applies all rules consistently and fairly, and ensures that employees are penalized when specific conditions are met. However, Points Manager also helps recognize employees who don't incur attendance infractions. Infractions can be configured to expire, and employees can earn back points for good behavior. This promotes and rewards good attendance, thereby improving the overall corporate organization.

Fully Customizable
Each company deals with absenteeism differently, so there are hundreds of different types of policies in use. Points Manager is fully customizable through a wide range of parameters and can accommodate nearly any type of policy and tracking method. Standard Points Manager features include:

  • An unlimited number of policies can be set up in Points Manager, and each policy can have different penalty rules. For example, the policy for one location might stipulate that verbal warnings be given to employees with four points, while the policy for another location might allow employees to accumulate up to five points before receiving a warning.
  • Each policy can contain an unlimited number of periods in which rules or limits apply. For example, employees might be required to complete a 90-day probationary period with strict penalty thresholds before advancing to the standard period with different thresholds. Periods can be configured to start on employees' hire date or a predefined date.

  • Unique point and/or hourly values are assigned to triggers such as absences, tardies, and long breaks, and different triggers can be tracked for different employees. Pay types like sick leave and vacation can also be associated with values so that use of those pay types triggers an infraction.

  • Supervisors are automatically emailed when employees incur infractions, and they can enter comments about each infraction.

  • Infractions can be configured to expire, and different infractions can be configured to expire differently or not at all. However, all original infractions are always archived regardless of any expiration policies.

  • Points Manager calculates each employee's point balance according to the configuration of policies, creates penalties when predetermined thresholds are reached, and provides reports on employees who have received penalties so that appropriate actions can be taken.

  • Employees can receive points or hours deductions as a reward for not incurring any infractions. For example, employees might receive a 1/2 point credit if they do not have any infractions within a 30-day period. This time period is configurable and can be set to key off of days, weeks, months, quarters, or years.

  • Points or hourly totals can be zeroed out on a specific day of the year. This is a global setting for each policy, so all points or hours will be zeroed out on a specific day each year for all employees assigned to the policy.

Points Manager Reports
Points Manager includes five reports that give supervisors quick access to Points Manager policy assignments, incidents employees have incurred, and penalties employees have received.

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