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Unitime Automated Timekeeping System - Enterprise Version

The Enterprise edition of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System is a SQL-based time and attendance application designed for mid to large organizations. UNITIME Desktop includes a vast set of business rule options, employee scheduling utilities, attendance tracking capabilities, a built-in history module, and a full suite standard reports.

UNITIME Enterprise is typically implemented along with data collection devices or applications to collect employees' punches or hours. In addition, UNITIME Enterprise solutions typically include integration modules designed to exchange employee and labor information with payroll, human resources, and other critical business systems, thereby providing a total workplace solution. Other add-on modules for UNITIME Enterprise include Points Manager, Benefits Manager, WebAdmin, WebEntry, and WebESS Employee Self-Service.

UNITIME Enterprise is well-suited to a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, education, transportation, and retail businesses.
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Standard Features
UNITIME Enterprise utilizes a class-based rules system, so different groups of rules are established for employees who work under different policies. Unitime Systems' knowledgeable implementation specialists offer best practice tips and practical advice to help you configure the rules specifically for your business and industry. UNITIME Enterprise is implemented and configured to exactly meet the time and attendance needs for all your employees, managers, and payroll personnel.

Standard features and capabilities of UNITIME Desktop include:
  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple pay periods per company
  • Up to twelve organizational levels per company
  • Hours and dollars pay types
  • Daily, weekly, and blended overtime
  • Sixth and seventh consecutive days policies
  • Rounding, schedule rounding, and interval rounding capabilities
  • Automatic lunch deductions
  • Shift and weekly premiums, rate overrides, and secondary jobs
  • Labor distribution and validation
  • Restrict unscheduled shifts
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Automatic holiday pay
  • Nearly 40 standard exception types
  • Attendance tracking
  • Full suite of standard reports and built-in report designer
  • Built-in history module

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