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Data Collection Devices and Modules

Automated timekeeping begins with data collection, and Unitime Systems offers a wide variety of data collection devices and programs to meet the demands of nearly any workplace environment. Flexible, scalable, and powerful, Unitime Systems’ data collection devices and programs can be configured for operations as simple as capturing employees’ in and out punches or as complex as tracking multiple levels of labor detail.

Swipe Timeclocks and Biometric Timeclocks
Unitime timeclocks are durable, versatile, and easy-to-install terminals that capture all the data you need to successfully run the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. Timeclocks are available in Ethernet, modem, and direct-connect communication models, and weatherized enclosures are available for cold climates and industrial workplace environments. Unitime Systems also offers several models of biometric timeclocks that provide the most accurate data collection solution available by requiring that employees be present in order to punch. Unitime timeclocks can withstand rigorous day-to-day use, and most models support advanced functionality such as schedule restrictions, bell schedules, door access control, punch and hours review, meal deductions, and job costing. In addition, Unitime Systems offers a wide range of timeclock accessories including proximity readers, battery backups, CCD and wand scanners, access control devices, and badge making systems.

Web-Based Data Collection
It isn't always practical or appropriate for employees to punch in and out using physical timeclock devices, so Unitime Systems offers two data collection programs that tie directly into the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. WebEntry is an Internet browser-based program that can capture punches and total hours records locally or worldwide, and WinPunch is LAN-based program that functions like a timeclock on employees' workstations. WebEntry offers the added benefit of personalized reports that allow employees to review punches, total hours worked, and attendance balances.

Mobile Data Collection
Some workplaces like construction sites simply can't accommodate timeclocks or PC-based data collection programs, so Unitime Systems also offers PDA-Punch -- a data collection program that captures employees' punches and hours using PDA hand-held devices. Similar to Unitime Systems' other data collection programs, PDA-Punch can capture multiple levels of labor detail and is the ideal choice for workers on the move.

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