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Benefits Manager Time Off Accruals Program

Calculating and tracking employees' paid time off benefits can be a complicated and time consuming process. That's why Unitime Systems developed Benefits Manager, an add-on feature available in the Desktop and Enterprise versions of the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System. Benefits Manager calculates employees' benefit accruals and links directly to UNITIME to ensure accurate tracking of used benefit hours. By automating the entire benefits process, Benefits Manager gives administrators more time to spend on mission critical tasks that increase overall profitability.

Separate accrual rules can be defined for different types of employees such as full time or part time, and each policy can have multiple periods or time frames in which different calculation methods are employed. Vacation, sick leave, and other types of benefits hours are customized based on the policies to be enforced. Benefits Manager tracks each employee's benefit accruals and performs calculations according to the configuration of Benefits Manager policies. Employees can be assigned to multiple consecutive policies over their tenure, and balances can be rolled from one period into another.

Fully Customizable
Many companies have unique benefits policies, so there are countless ways that benefit hours are accrued. Benefits Manager is fully customizable through a wide range of parameters and can accommodate nearly any type of benefits policy. Standard Benefits Manager features include:

UNITIME pay types are associated with each Benefits Manager policy, so different policies cover different pay types. Benefits Manager can track an unlimited number of benefit types, and each benefit type can have different policies in order to accommodate different groups of employees.

Each Benefits Manager policy can have multiple periods in order to apply different calculations within different time frames. For example, employees might be required to complete a 90 day probationary period with strict allowances before advancing to the standard period.

Each period can be configured with two formula grants, a one-time accrual, carry over limits, and award after limits. In addition, each formula grant can have its own grant occurrence cycle.

Each policy can be configured to allow or disallow negative balances when a user enters benefit hours in UNITIME that exceed an employee's balance. If negative balances are permitted, specific users can be prevented from entering benefit hours in UNITIME that exceed an employee's balance. For example, payroll personnel might be allowed to enter hours that exceed an employee's balance, while supervisors are prevented from exceeding employees' balances.

Policies can be configured to enforce minimum limits, maximum limits, minimum carry over limits, maximum carry over limits, minimum taken amounts, and maximum taken amounts.

Effective starting dates determine when Benefits Manager is to start calculations, but each employee's starting balances may be manually set before the start date becomes effective. This ensures a seamless transition to Benefits Manager from the previous method for calculating and tracking benefits.

Each policy is configured with its own defined week start, quarter start, and year start.

Benefits Manager Reports
Benefits Manager includes four reports that deliver policy, balance, and transaction information in easy to read formats.

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