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Unitime Systems - Time and Attendance for the 21st Century

The majority of the time involved for many companies' payrolls is spent accumulating timecard information, compiling that information, and determining employees' paycheck amounts from this data. Unitime systems can eliminate a tremendous amount of this effort, saving large amounts of time.

Unitime Systems offers automated time and attendance solutions for small to enterprise-size businesses. Unitime's time and attendance solutions are built around the UNITIME Automated Timekeeping System, data collection devices or programs, and integration modules designed to exchange employee and labor information with payroll, human resources, and other essential business systems. Unitime automated timekeeping solutions reduce the amount of time needed to prepare data for payroll, eliminate payroll errors, and help track and manage labor expenses.

UNITIME time and attendance uses a variety of methods for collecting "timecard" information. Employees punch in and out at electronic timeclocks, biometric timeclocks, or on PC based software. This information is collected via an automated procedure, is subjected to the customized pay policies of the company, and is effortlessly provided to almost any PC based payroll system.

Written with efficiency in mind, UNITIME provides many ways of decreasing time spent manually calculating time. With its seamless integration with Sage Abra HRMS, there is no need to key employee data into UNITIME - everything that it needs for paying employees comes from your Abra human resource files! It simply couldn't be any easier.

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