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HandPunch Model 1000 Biometric Timeclocks

The HandPunch 1000 brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach. In operations that range from corner deli shops to franchise operations, HandPunch 1000 terminals have proven themselves to be a practical and precise solution. Using field-proven hand geometry biometric technology, the HandPunch 1000 scans the size and shape of your employees' hands to verify their identities each time they punch. No fingerprints or palm prints are utilized.

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Smarter Than Card-Based Terminals
There are no cards to create, administer, carry, or lose. The HandPunch 1000 verifies employees' identities in less than one second based on the unique size and shape of their hands. The HandPunch 1000 clearly notifies each user of a match using red and green indicator lights. And because no one can punch in or out for someone else, the system reduces time theft and improves payroll accuracy.

Pay as You Grow
Designed to grow with your business, the user capacity of the HandPunch 1000 can be easily expanded in the field. Standard user memory provides for up to 50 employees, and an optional memory upgrade can expand this capacity to 100 employees.

Communication Options
The HandPunch 1000 connects to the host computer via a 100-foot RS-232 communications cable. An optional dial-up modem is also available for remote sites.


Size: 8.85 inches (22.3 cm.) wide
11.65 inches (29.6 cm.) high
8.55 inches (21.7 cm.) deep
Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)
Power: 12-24 VDC or 12-24 VAC 50/60 Hz
Verification Time: Less than 1 second
User Capacity: 50 users standard, upgradeable to 100 users
Memory Retention Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
Transaction Buffer: 5,120 transactions
ID Number Length: 1 to 9 digits
Communications: RS-232 serial connection; internal modem available
Baud Rate: 1200 - 28.8K bps
Options: Operational battery backup
High speed internal modem

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