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Infisoft has been helping small to enterprise sized organizations automate and streamline their timekeeping and labor data processes for over 15 years. We offer complete timekeeping and labor solutions that are well-suited to healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, financial services, education, transportation, and retail businesses.

Our systems enable you to exchange employee and labor information with your payroll, human resources and other essential business systems. A variety of time input/ labor data collection options are available to accommodate virtually any business environment. Data collection options include swipe card and biometric timeclocks, desktop “punching”, web-based time entry, Palm and portable scanners, and integrated voice response (IVR).
Infisoft takes great pride in our ability and commitment to understand our clients’ needs before recommending a solution. Our defined process of working with the client to uncover their unique issues and requirements allows us to deliver state of the art solutions, smooth, on-budget implementations and impeccable after-sale service. We are constantly evaluating new software in order to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Listed below are the timekeeping systems we currently represent.
Infisoft ASP

NOVAtime is known for its robust and scalable timekeeping solutions that can easily be upgraded without the re-training of staff as your business grows. NOVAtime has more than 70 years of combined experience in the time and attendance industry and more than 6,500 installations.


Unitime is a leading provider of time and attendance solutions for small to enterprise sized organizations in every industry. Unitime Systems has helped more than 2,400 organizations in over 8,000 locations to enhance the performance of employees, managers, and overall operations.


Timekeeping systems and the servers and infrastructure necessary to run them can require a large amount of resources to manage and maintain. Infisoft ASP replaces the upfront investment in software, time clocks, and server hardware with an easy-to-handle monthly fee.

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 Collecting, checking, and calculating employee hours can be a huge drain of both time and money.
 Just a few of the benefits of automating your time and labor data collection are:
  • Dramatically reduce time spent on manual timesheet totaling

    - The American Payroll Association estimates that manual totaling of time cards takes approximately 7 minutes per card. Automated timekeeping reduces that to 1 minute.

  • Reduce Overtime Costs

    - Up to the minute visibility of employees approaching overtime allows you to schedule employees at the lowest cost.

  • Labor law compliance

    - Prevent grievances and costly violations by enabling you to establish and monitor scheduling rules for unions, minors, breaks, etc.
  • Recover Lost Time

    - The American Payroll Association estimates that the average weekly "theft" (long lunches and breaks, tardiness, early departures) is approximately 4 hours per employee. Recapturing these wages through the automated, consistent application of company policies can save thousands of dollars in annual payroll expense!

  • Virtually eliminate costly clerical errors in manual timesheet totaling

    - The American Payroll Association estimates that inaccuracies caused by human error in manual timesheet processing can translate into an additional 2-5% of your payroll costs. These costs are virtually eliminated when you download your time and attendance data directly to your payroll system.

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