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NOVAtime 2000

"Report Generator"
NOVAtime - time and attendance workforce management software

NOVAtime 2000 - Report Generator

u Dynamic Grouping Report Generator - This Report Generator is unique because it has the power and flexibility of a report writer, but the elegance and simplicity of the familiar NOVAtime user interface.

The Report Generator provides a dynamic reporting environment with the flexibility to handle all the f needs of your growing company for years to come. Some of the Report Generator features include:

u Flexible Sorting Criteria - Our multiple data fields and filters allow users to customize reports for their specific sorting needs.

u Flexible Employee Filters and Page Breaks

u Field Selector - Allows users to identify what specific data fields are to be viewed.

u Save Report Feature - Allows users to set up company-wide and personal report categories. On any existing report you can customize and save the settings such as sorting, date range, group range, or filters, etc. Reports can be customized, and then saved for other users to access.

u Integrates with the Auto Task to allow scheduling and periodic distribution of reports - ALL reports can be scheduled to print at any time to your printers, AND emailed to any specific personnel. Report distribution is easily automated via email, print, or file export (including ASCII, XLS, and PDF formats). Reports can be emailed to managers at remote locations, as scheduled.

u Custom Report Maker - The Custom Report Maker allows you to select exactly which columns to print on a report.

u Many Report Categories and Layouts to Choose From:

  • Time and Attendance Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Human Resources Reports - See your staff's attendance pattern.
  • Labor Costing / Labor Tracking Reports
  • Custom Reports

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