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NOVAtime - time and attendance workforce management software

Thank you for your interest in NOVAtime Timekeeping and Labor Data Tracking solutions. To request a quote on NOVAtime please complete the price quote form below. A customized price quote will be returned to you via email, or we will contact you via phone if further information is needed to process your request. The turnaround time on a NOVAtime customized price quote is approximately two business days.

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1) How many employees do you need
to track in the timekeeping system?
2) What is your preferred method of
data collection for employees
clocking in/out?
  How do you want these data collection devices connected to
your network?
  How many data collection devices
do you think you will need?
3) How many locations do you have?
4) Do you have wide area network or do your locations have internet access?
Wide area network (WAN) only  Internet Access
5) Do you want supervisors to have access to the system to perform administrative functions and have access to reporting capabilities?
Yes No
       If so, how many supervisors will
need access to the system?
6) Do you want the system to interface with your payroll system?
Yes No
7) What payroll system do you use?
  8) additional system capabilities: (Please check all that apply)
    Track sick, vacation and/or personal time accruals
Track employee department and/or job transfers
Track job costing information
Track "differential" or "premium" pay based on shift hours
  9) Are you currently using a time and attendance system?
        If so, please enter name here:
10) When would you like to be live on a new time and attendance system?
Please describe in detail any additional requirements you may have for your time and attendance system:


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