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NOVAtime - time and attendance workforce management software

NOVAtime offers a variety of data collection devices and time clocks, whether it's magnetic badge readers, biometric time clocks, web browsers, or Palm-PDA key-in for our time and attendance systems. All of our devices offer Ethernet connections.
NOVAtime - Data Collection Devices

Data Collection Devices

Biometric hand readers
Using hand geometry technology, a hand punch reader brings accuracy and security easily within reach of time and attendance systems. It eliminates "buddy punching" the age-old problem of employees clocking each other in - your hand is your badge! It also eliminates issues with lost badges. NOVAtime partners with RSI and offers the following hand punch readers:

Badge time clocks
It normally refers to magnetic swipe cards, which work like a credit card with a magnetic stripe on one side that employees slide through the time clock. The NT5000II terminal is a PC based magnetic reader specially designed for time management and job tracking data collection. In addition to being used for clocking in and out, it is used for job entry and other input functions. You can send general greetings and specific messages for individual employees. The internal bar code decoder allows for easy connection of bar code readers such as Pen, CCD, Laser, and Omni-Directional scanners. For more details, see the brochure for NT5000II.

u Time Clock / Kiosk Terminal
NT6500 is a time clock with modern appeal and it serves as a fully functional  KIOSK station to increase convenience for your employees. An ideal standalone workforce management self-service solution! NT6500 Product Sheet.
u Barcode time clocks
Barcode time clocks utilize the "3 of 9" barcodes. Like the magnetic badge readers, employees slide the card through the time clock. It's usually used for job tracking. For more details, see the brochure for NT5000II.
u Proximity time clocks
Proximity time clocks do not require employees to slide their badges through the reader. Your employees simply flash their proximity badge in front of the time clock.

u Telephone - Phone-In System
Employees dial a telephone number to clock in and out. It is usually used for companies with employees working at remote locations (off-site employees). NOVA Phone-In Product Sheet.
u Palm-PDA
Using your existing investment in Palm-PDAs, it's an effective solution that works with any Palm compliant device! Because PDA handheld devices are small and portable, this module is great for mobile users who need to track their time in the field. Supervisors may also punch in a group of employees with one entry! The time punches from your handheld devices are collected the same way as the other data collection devices! Uploads and downloads are performed seamlessly using NOVAtime’s Communication Console, instead of HotSync®.

u Web Punch
Capturing employees' time punches anytime, anywhere using a browser-based timeclock that runs on LAN, WAN & Internet.
u PC Key-in
It is a workstation based thin-client time clock that runs on virtually any LAN, WAN configuration, and Terminal Server. The PC Key-In module has keys and features similar to a time clock. Like a data collection terminal, it displays a general greeting and selected messages for specific employees. See the Small Business Interactive Demo for more details.


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