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NOVAtime 2000

Add-on Solutions for
Mid-Sized to Large Companies
NOVAtime - time and attendance workforce management software
NOVAtime realizes that each of our customers has unique and special needs, and thereby designed and created a powerful Time Management System that allows customization to system modules to satisfy these unique needs.

The NOVAtime system provides the sophisticated tools needed to monitor and control the costs related to them, coupled with a never ending commitment to meet and satisfy our customer's needs, NOVAtime is constantly researching and designing Add-On Solutions to make the NOVAtime 2000 system even more powerful and state-of-the-art. The following add-on solutions are evidence of this commitment.

Add-On Solutions

u NOVApic (badge printers) - Fully Integrates with digital cameras and badge printers for a complete employee badge solution. You have the option of designing your employee badge layout, on both sides of a badge! You may print an employee badge or badges for a single employee or a group of employees with a few clicks of the mouse.

u Benefit Accruals / Comp-Time Banking - Accumulates and tracks the number of hours earned and used for benefits such as available vacation and sick time. It can accrue even the most complex accrual rules and will deduct any used time entered under the Timesheet Management automatically from the employee's available balance. Different accrual rules for different groups of employees can be defined, and manual adjustments can be done, if necessary, from the Accrual History screen.

u NOVAtime Point System - A fully integrated performance tracking solution that uses attendance information to automatically generate merits, de-merits, warning letters, perfect attendance letters and other Word mail-merge documents.

u Lockout / Access Control - Allows you to use the same badge, whether for proximity, bar code, or magnetic, via the same terminal for both employee attendance and security access.

Custom Report Maker Module allows you to create your own reports containing only the information you need in the format you want. It gives you the power to create endless combinations of reports and layouts. It has so much power and flexibility, yet easier to use than a report writer!

  • Flexible report layouts - portrait, landscape, detail, summary.
  • Hundreds of user-selectable report fields - Employee fields, Time fields, Labor Cost fields, etc.
  • User-selectable sort options - sort and summarize data into columns or rows.
  • Output to different formats, including PDF, XLS, ASCII, etc.
  • Save a report for specific users or company-wide access.
  • Schedule reports for printing via the Auto Task scheduler.
  • Send reports directly to an email/fax recipient.

u PC Key-in - Workstation based thin-client time clock that provides an efficient and inexpensive alternatives to time clocks by allowing employees to punch IN and OUT from their workstations, or at a central computer. PC Key-in's programmable function keys can be set to allow review of accumulated worked hours, accrued benefit hours, entering pay code hours (vacation, sick, etc.), and dollar amounts (tips, bonus, etc.). Can be configured across most networks, including LAN, WAN, and Terminal Server.

u Job Costing - This module provides an extremely powerful Labor and Job Costing module. It helps you to prepare estimates, monitor and control costs, compile billing information and measure profitability of your different projects.

Labor resource utilization reports are available on demand. Jobs can be broken down and grouped as many ways as you want. Every grouping has user definable lengths and data types. Given the wide range of report groupings and sorts, NOVAtime has literally thousands of possible report combinations.


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