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FAS Nonprofit 500 Asset Accounting - SQL

A member of the Sage FAS Nonprofit family of integrated fixed asset management solutions.

FAS Nonprofit 500 Asset Accounting provides greater flexibility, scalability, enhanced history tracking, and faster processing times. FAS Nonprofit 500 Asset Accounting delivers the same dependable depreciation calculations, financial reports, and detailed asset management as FAS 100 Asset Accounting, but leverages the power of Microsoft SQL scalable client/server architecture. The result: Speed, flexibility, and size.


View the FAS Nonprofit 500 Asset Accounting - SQL Feature Sheet in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat reader to view PDF files.


The fast, flexible, scalable solution for managing fixed assets:

  • With extended features and an advanced database platform this is the right choice for companies that manage a large number—over 10,000—of fixed assets.
  • The SQL server environment gets the job done effectively and efficiently with capacity and functionality that only a scalable client/server architecture can provide.
  • Integrates with all major accounting systems and produces faster processing times with Windows Server and Microsoft SQL infrastructures.
  • Client/server architecture supports multiple databases.
  • Seven books, all visible on one screen-Internal, Tax, ACE, AMT, State, and two user-defined custom books.
  • Enhanced history tracking allows the capture of critical "before and after" asset conditions.
  • Over 300,000 IRS tax and GAAP rules and more than 50 standard depreciation methods.
  • Seamless integration with FAS 500 Asset Inventory.
  • Sage FAS SupportPlus members benefit from automatic software updates which keep them up-to-date with the most recent tax changes.

Advanced Customization

  • Alternative accounting periods including 13 period, 52/53 week, 4/4/5, 4/5/4, or 5/4/4 accounting.
  • Includes FAS Report Writer for custom reports with graphical, drilldown, and batch reporting capabilities.
  • Fully customizable data entry screen including field names, lengths, pictures, and prompts—fields can even be turned off completely.
  • Customizable SmartLists for fast, accurate asset entry.
  • Powerful Group Manager for instant queries and reusable group definitions.

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