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FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting

A member of the Sage FAS Nonprofit family of integrated fixed asset management solutions.

FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting and reporting features for nonprofit organizations needing effective decision-making tools in integrated accounting environments and helps nonprofits acquire, transfer, and dispose of assets at the right time during their lifecycle. Sage FAS has successfully served organizations for over 20 years and is used by the "Big Four" accounting firms. Giving you a complete overview of your fixed assets at every stage, FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting is the perfect fixed asset management solution to help you spend less time reporting on assets and more time furthering your organization's mission.


View the FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting Feature Sheet in PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat reader to view PDF files.


The most comprehensive solution for managing fixed assets:

  • Manage entire fixed asset lifecycles from acquisition to transfers and disposals
  • Allocate cost and depreciation for individual or groups of assets to more than one funding source
  • Integrates with your General Ledger solution and proprietary systems
  • Custom Report Writer option enables graphics, drilldown, and batch reporting capabilities
  • Password security on user-defined menu levels
  • Powerful Import/Export Helper with easy-to-use wizards
  • Flexible depreciation - including both standard and customized depreciation methods
  • Over 20 ready-to-use fixed asset reports

Customizable features help increase productivity:

  • Easy-to-use reporting tools for creating detailed custom reports
  • Fully customizable data entry fields
  • Powerful allocation feature distributes fixed asset cost and depreciation to multiple funding sources
  • Customizable "SmartLists" give users defined drop-down lists, for fast and accurate asset entry
  • Customizable "Group Manager" helps you organize and view only the assets you're interested in
  • Extended user fields and asset descriptions
  • "Asset Templates" promote data integrity and accelerate the process of entering new assets
  • Ability to copy organization data to another organization
  • Record important details by attaching notes, photos, or documents to individual assets
  • On-screen asset budgeting projections
  • Ready-to-use fixed asset reports for year-end financial statements

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