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FAS 500 Asset Inventory - SQL

A member of the Sage FAS family of integrated fixed asset management solutions.

FAS 500 Asset Inventory - SQL delivers advanced inventory capabilities utilizing the SQL server environment. Gain greater speed, scalability, and achieve more control over your fixed asset inventories with more than 50 customizable fields. Designed for SQL environments, this highly flexible solution provides tracking for thousands of fixed assets and reconciliation capabilities.


View the FAS 500 sset Inventory - SQL Feature Sheet in PDF format.
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Enhanced speed and scalability for your entire asset inventory:

  • The fixed asset inventory management tool, suited to the needs of environments with thousands of fixed assets—Ideal tracking solution for more than 10,000 fixed assets.
  • Faster processing times with Windows Server and Microsoft SQL infrastructures—delivers the capacity that only a scalable client/server architecture can provide.
  • Support multiple databases.
  • Built on a rock solid foundation, FAS 500 Asset Inventory - SQL extends the scope of fixed asset tracking.
  • Seamless integration with FAS 500 Asset Accounting - SQL expands your ability to capture and track fixed asset data.
  • Allows your business catalog of fixed assets to grow without limits.
  • Greater access to fixed asset data and large database capacity.
  • Able to conduct multiple inventories concurrently at various sites and reconcile data at one central location.
  • Able to track assets at remote locations where inventories can be conducted by exchanging data via email attachments.
  • More than 50 fully customizable fields with the ability to control data entry and notes, plus images to describe each asset record.
  • Supports both types of inventories—baseline to add new assets, and dynamic to verify any data on existing assets.
  • Enhanced history tracking allows the capture of critical before and after asset events.
  • Secondary tag field allows you to summarize assets by room location while conducting inventory.
  • Creates and tracks multiple physical inventories of assets quickly and efficiently with state-of-the-art bar code technology, including Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbol® devices.
  • Fixed asset inventory labels available or purchase online at

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