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We strive to nurture long term relationships with our clients. This attention to customer satisfaction is reflected in the comments that our clients make.

"Was there life before ABRA?

I’ve worked in Human Resources for twenty years and can say without a doubt that ABRA has made personnel information much more assessable. I no longer have to rummage through employee files and count with stick men to complete endless government required reports (i.e. EEO Report, OHSA Log, census listings, etc.).

ABRA streamlines our jobs. Employee photos, addresses, telephone numbers, salary info, and with Query I can compile all this info into reports to match specific requests. Because of ABRA, all employee benefit information is at my fingertips. In previous years, I had to pull files and dig through enrollment cards. Now in just seconds I can pull up, view, or change benefit information.

There are literally hundreds of ways ABRA has changed the face of Human Resources! Thanks ABRA!"

  Judy Sprouse
  Benefits Coordinator
  Westminster Canterbury, Inc.

"Abra allows us to track and report on Payroll, HR & Attendance data in ways that we are unable to accomplish in other systems. Our Payroll and HR departments are responsible for weekly payroll processing and reporting, and we would be unable to efficiently accomplish our jobs without Abra."
  Rhonda Chrisley
  Human Resources Generalist
  Xaloy, Inc.

"ABRA HRMS has helped the operations in our HR department tremendously. I would have to say my favorite feature is the reporting and ability to write our own queries. It is the first time our department has been able
to access information in such a customized format. It has saved us a lot of time and allowed us to concentrate
on higher level issues, not spending our time tracking down information. The interface is very intuitive, which has also been helpful. Finally, the customer service we have received from Infisoft has been second to none!
We couldn’t have done this without them! "
  Courtney Bremner
  Human Resource Director
  Anderson & Associates Inc.

"We are very happy with ABRA. It has made our payroll processing so much easier. Quarterly and year end payroll taxes are so much easier than they were on our previous system."
  Angie Lilley
  Human Resources Director
  Commercial Ready Mix

"Prior to being introduced to Infisoft we had been using Abra Suite for approximately 5 years without truly understanding its potential. Infisoft has supported and consulted with us to optimize Abra on a number of levels, resulting in a system that truly helps our department meet its operational goals. Infisoft, teamed up with Sage Abra Suite, has proven to be a valuable ally in exceeding the needs of our company."
  Cathy Evans
  Human Resource Director
  Henneman Engineering

"I am very, very happy with ABRA and find that if correct directions are followed then the end result is correct reports and payroll. The ABRA helpline has been very helpful and has been my main source of education in the process of learning the ABRA software. I have used both online help and the telephone helpline and both have been great. Infisoft has been invaluable in advising Dynax about upgrades and new products that are available as well as onsite training."
  Carol Weeks
  Payroll Manager
  Dynax America Corp.

"Abra has been wonderful for out department. Instead of getting a personal file to view data or obtain information we can view all our employees information with one simple click. Another great feature about Abra is the “query”, you can create any type of report imaginable. Thanks from Westminster Canterbury Lynchburg."
  Tiffany R. Thompson
  Employment Coordinator
  Westminster Canterbury, Inc.

"We are more than pleased with the way our Abra software has performed. It has prevented many headaches and has saved countless man hours. Infisoft was exceptional in implementing and configuring the software to our specific needs. Thank you for being so helpful and for your hard work."

Aaron Bostic
Riverview Nursing Home

"I am new to ABRA HRMS but what I have seen has really made the ease of learning new software a breeze. I
am hoping to benefit from the use of the software in the future."
  Francine Bryan
  Human Resources Director
  Westminster Canterbury, Inc.

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