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Purchase Order

The Sage MAS 500 ERP Purchase Order module helps you save time, reduce costs, and automate processes through supply chain management tools. Purchase Order provides you with the functionality to simplify your purchasing and receiving processes, while ensuring greater order accuracy. Because you can create a requisition quickly and easily without prior knowledge of your vendors or buying practices, the system enables you to enjoy the efficiency of flexible purchasing workflows. Purchase Order also tightly controls buyers’ spending limits and provides complete audit tracking for maximum accountability.

When purchases are received, the system can automatically capture important vendor metrics. This includes information about correct item and quantities shipped, damaged goods, even labeling and packaging. This information is combined with delivery timing and cost variance data in a valuable Vendor Performance report. Purchase Order can also maximize warehouse efficiencies by guiding receiving personnel to designated preferred stock put-away bins.

A variety of system features uses the power of automation to minimize costly quantity and pricing errors, as well as errors in receipt of goods. You can create vouchers that automatically default from the related purchase order. You can tie a purchase order to a sales order so that incoming products are correctly allocated to your priority customers. And, you’ll save time and maximize productivity by using the system’s extensive drill-down and drill-around capabilities to track transactions step by step back to their origins.

Purchase Order Highlights:

  • Create requisitions using date, originator, item description, quantity, and date required, even if vendor information is unavailable
  • Assign different ship-to locations to each purchase order line item, invoice automatically or manually, or use the Multicurrency Management module to create purchase orders in any currency
  • Automate warehouse processes while retaining accountability
  • Capture key vendor metrics to identify vendors that perform well and those that disappoint
  • Limit access to confidential purchasing information and tasks to authorized users
  • Obtain fast, easy access to purchasing information on any level
  • Increase your productivity with the ability to set up landed costs, maintain a tight audit trail, and create purchase orders automatically based on inventory requirements

Download the spec sheet for more information on module features and reports.


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