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Inventory Replenishment

The Inventory Replenishment module for Sage MAS 500 provides two unique competitive advantages to your organization. First, forecasting can help accurately predict what customers will buy, reducing inventory carrying costs of unwanted goods while ensuring customers that you can carry the items they demand. Second, automated procurement produces system-generated purchase orders and transfer orders to reduce labor costs and improve accuracy. Unparalleled cost calculations and additional manufacturing inventory software capabilities minimize transaction and overhead costs by creating optimal orders for each vendor.

Knowing what to stock or build to meet your customers’ demands is a most critical decisions. Without the aid of comprehensive manufacturing inventory software, too much stock can be an impacting result. This can cause lower margins, high inventory carrying costs, and excess damage as stock remains in-house too long. However, shortages can be even worse, as customers who can’t get an item in a reasonable time may call your competitors. The forecasting capabilities of Sage manufacturing inventory software helps you meet this demand-planning challenge with flexible capabilities. Calculations can be adjusted by warehouse, customer, season, product group, or every individual item for maximum flexibility and accurate inventory planning.

When a forecast is firmed, the Inventory Replenishment module automatically creates purchase orders to reduce the related costs of human involvement. Replenishment can also be used to automatically move stock between warehouse locations, a valuable feature for centralized hub-and-spoke distributors.

Inventory Replenishment manufacturing inventory software goes far beyond other automated procurement systems. Before a purchase order or transfer order is created, it takes into account lead times for that vendor, the overhead of placing purchase orders to minimize low-volume orders, and whether it makes sense to purchase other products from the vendor at the same time.

Sage MAS 500 customers can use the Inventory Replenishment system or the Material requirements Planning system to process replenishment orders. It offers the strongest supply chain-centric forecasting and automated procurement manufacturing inventory software tools available today.

Inventory Replenishment Highlights:

  • Determine how much of an item you will sell is critical to controlling costs while maintaining enough stock to keep customers happy.
  • Monitor and report unusual usage for an item, so that you can determine if you need to adjust the demand for the item.
  • Ensure that stock of critical items will be available when the customer needs them.
  • Using one of four popular methods, automatically calculate how much to purchase of each product, based on user-defined input that best suits your business practices.
  • Inventory Replenishment manufacturing inventory software provides tools to minimize processing and carrying costs, while ensuring that the items your customers need are on hand.
  • Generate actual orders and firmed orders from a single point of entry.
    Analyze and monitor Inventory Replenishment and MRP data and transactions.

Download the spec sheet for more information on module features and reports.


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